April 2012 NBMS PTO Minutes

posted Apr 29, 2012, 10:50 AM by Joanne Forbes   [ updated Apr 29, 2012, 10:50 AM by John Seabreeze ]

April 2012 PTO Meeting Minutes


Present: Jim Parker, Joanne Forbes, Amy Trenkle, John Seabreeze, Peter Walter, Jill Campuzano.



  1. Completing 501c3
  2. Federal Tax Forms for non profit organization
  3. PTO Slate of Officers for 2012-2013
  4. Ski Club business



1. Completing 501c3

Peter Nickoloff will be completing form and will meet with group before next meeting to finalize paper work.


2. Federal Tax Forms for a non profit organization

We will discuss further when we meet with Peter Nickoloff on tax forms.

Amy Trenkle (current treasurer) will contact Peter to discuss whether we need to fill longer form and if not which form. It was discussed we need to factor in the cost of tax preparation into the cost of running the activities the PTO will run during 2012-2013.


3. Slate Presented to be voted on at next meeting:

President: Joanne Forbes

Treasurer: Peter Walter

Secretary: John Seabreeze


5. Ski club business

The suggested Pre-Ski Trip Topics for Discussion List , prepared by John Seabreeze and created for parents of ski club members to reviewed prior to ski trips at home.  All agree it looked complete.


Other topics discussed included:

Health and Safety and Injury prevention- how involved can the volunteers be in this given the guidelines from PTO plus group insurance,

Will need to obtain a recommendation from PTO plus  on this topic ( Joanne Forbes will contact insurance carrier to seek advise), 

Parents need a  reminder that transportation from the hospital to home for their injured child is their responsibility and they need to be prepared and able to drive to Gettysburg or Hershey Hospital should it be necessary in a timely fashion.