February PTO Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 29, 2012, 10:47 AM by Joanne Forbes   [ updated Apr 29, 2012, 10:47 AM by John Seabreeze ]

North Bethesda Middle School, PTO

Open Meeting

February 2, 2012


Committee Members in Attendance: Jim Parker, Joanne Forbes, Amy Trenkle




Treasurer Report: by Amy Trenkle

At the end of the 1st year as a PTO the balance will be slightly lower than it was last year at the same time after ski club expenses. The 501C3 is a work in progress and will be submitted summer/fall 2012. 


Ski Club Update: by Joanne Forbes

New chaperones are being supported to take a more active roll in ski club. Training has begun for new chaperones to lead buses for the 4th and 5th trips.

Care card winner program was explained to those not familiar with it: how a child wins and how he/she is supported on the trip to have a safe, fun night.

The Parker Award was also explained.

There was discussion of procedures to support safety at POD and on buses.

Question brought up whether a procedure should be established for weather changes, power failure on the mountain or similar situations while on a ski trip and how a decision would be made on what would be done. Gretchen Gibney volunteered to write simple plan. This will be discussed in our next meeting.


PTO Meeting Topic: Safety on the Mountain

1-2 children per night visit first aid. Of the approximate 250 children the visits are estimated at 1 in 75-150 skiers. Most of the visits are released from safety patrol with minor injuries and instructed to make visit to their doctor for follow up. There was one serious injury this season that went to Heresy Hospital.

Discussion regarding causes of some injuries included skiing/snow boarding out of control on slopes that were too advanced for the participants ski/snowboard level and peer pressure to go on slopes to advanced.

What can PTO/Ski Club Leaders do to support safer practices given the club are not a Ski School:

Parent Information Night will include a presentation on Safety on the Slopes.

Continued rule for mandatory helmet use.

Continue to read Liberty Code of Conduct on each trip which includes safe skiing and snowboarding practices.

More discussion will be had on methods to support safety on ski trips.


Other PTO Activities: near end of school year elections will be held for new officers for next year. Marilyn Hoon, Gretchen Gibney, Amy Trenkle and Joanne Forbes will present the slate of potential officers at the next meeting.




Open Forum

There was further discussion regarding helmet use. When mandatory helmets were first required skiers/snowboarders had to have their helmets out before getting off bus. This was difficult because most helmets are packed in ski bags.

Will have all pull helmets out while in Ticket Line and have them on by the time they leave this area. Chaperones will be checking as they leave after purchasing their ski pass.

This will be re evaluated after trial fun.