March 2012 NBMS PTO Minutes

posted Apr 29, 2012, 10:49 AM by Joanne Forbes   [ updated Jun 1, 2013, 8:19 AM by John Seabreeze ]

NBPTO Meeting Minutes

Place: NB

Date 2/29/2012

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Room: Classroom B201


Meeting started at 7:40pm



Jim Parker                  

Amy Trenkle              

Peter Walter               

John Seabreeze           

Gretchen Gibney        




1. Presenting Slate for next year’s PTO Officers


The slate known at the time of the meeting was:

President: Joanne Forbes, Peter Walter (co-president)

Treasurer: Mary Beth Strahan, Peter Walter

Secretary: John Seabreeze


-          There was a discussion of the possibility of amending the bylaws to have more flexibility for the election of positions and the types of positions.


-          It was agreed to email the attendees the full slate and if there are any questions or exceptions to the slate, then we would amend the minutes. It was also agreed to post the slate on the PTO website to allow for public questions or comments.


2. Treasurers Report


-          Correction: the dates for checks 263 and 264 should be 2011


-          There are a few minor expenses left. Peter is completing the paperwork for the 501(c) application and will then meet with Jim Parker before submission.


3. Ski Club Wrap Up


Focus on Safety – comments:

-          -signage at Liberty is weak, there were kids on the wrong trails periodically

-          parents meeting  - we should reemphasize skiing vs snowboarding even more

-          there was an email from a parent with the suggestion that snowboarders should have additional parental consent and wrist guards

-          have someone from ski patrol attend the parents meeting

-          Reemphasize the responsibilities of the ski club/chaperons

-          6th grade parents – there may be a lack of understanding of the level of freedom the kids have once they are on the mountain

-          New idea: right before the season, distribute a “Top 10” list for parents to have a discussion with their child – John Seabreeze will work on a draft.

-          Advertise and make the registration documents available on the PTO website prior to the parents night

-          have a separate list serve for ski club

-          Will Liberty pass out tokens for lessons again?

-          reminder that ski club is a “bus service” to the parents and give a more in depth explanation to chaperons about risk management

-          -“signature on file” with Liberty in the rental area for when kids forget the NCC card so chaperons don’t have to sign the rental forms


Chaperon feedback:

-          Some timidness, what to say/not say, more about responsibilities


JR Chaperons:

-          More itemized list of duties

-          Increase the responsibilities

-          Don’t like it – it’s taking more kids and adding responsibilities on to the chaperons and harder to maintain

-          Same with Care Cards – expand the awards so they go through the system as a full member and not one new one each time


4. Open Forum 


-          Other activities?

-          ASA reach out?


Meeting Adjourned at 8:40pm