PTO Open Meeting Minutes - 3/21/13

posted Apr 7, 2013, 4:24 PM by John Seabreeze   [ updated Apr 7, 2013, 4:24 PM ]

North Bethesda Middle School PTO

Minutes of March 21, 2013 Meeting

Invitation was sent out via the NBMS PTSA listserv on 3/15/2013 as a reminder for the meeting.

Attendees:  Joanne Forbes (President), John Seabreeze (Secretary), Peter Walter (Treasurer), John Morgan, Gretchen Gibney, Kevin Canavan, Kathy Jan, Geoff Piemme, Brian Lee, Annette Nahin, Margaret McGhee

Opened at 7:35pm

Treasurer Peter Walter reported that the previously received Notice of IRS Penalty for late filing of the PTO’s 2010-2011 taxes, which were filed at the same time we applied for non-profit status, was nullified by the IRS.  Peter also reported a balance of $15,300.46, an increase over the beginning of the Fiscal Year of more than $3,000.  This gain was due to buses costing less than budgeted.  A suggestion was made that a Return Check Fee be added to next year’s Ski Club application.

President Joanne Forbes entertained nominations for the Nominating Committee.  Three individuals were nominated – John Morgan, Kevin Canavan, and Annette Nahin – and unanimously elected.  The Nominating Committee sought initial nominations for the three offices, and three individuals were nominated:

·         Secretary – Brian Lee

·         Treasurer – Peter Walter

·         President – John Seabreeze

The Nominating Committee will entertain other nominations between now and the next PTO Meeting, at which they will present a slate of officers for election.  Joanne finished this section of her report by describing the history of the PTO and PTSA, particularly their memberships and officers.

President Joanne Forbes opened a discussion on Ski Club Wrap-Up.

Kathy Jan gave a report on Ski Club Registration, describing the differences between online and manual registration, preferring the latter due to the size of the Ski Club.  She also described the Care Card program, with 3 to 4 winners per year for 3 years.  Lastly, she gave a report of First Aid coverage at the Ski Club nights, reporting no trips to the hospital for participants and only minor injuries.  Keys to this success were identified as an increased focus on safety pre- and at ski club events.  A suggestion was made that participants should be incentivized to take lessons, thereby increasing their ability to ski safely within their ability.

Peter Walter gave a report on the POD, which he said went well this year.  He suggested that more non-chaperone parents volunteer, so as not to do double-duty.  The few remaining items were given to NBMS lost and found.

Gretchen Gibney gave a report on Communications.  She has been managing the club’s gmail account for 3 years, with several hundred e-mails between September and March.  She also described the process, including pros and cons, of contributing to the NBMS PTSA listserv.  She suggested a Ski Club listserv be set up for next year.  A suggestion was made that we get Ski Club stuff out earlier before the first trip.  Lastly, she provided a report on the Parker Award for the past 2 years.

John Seabreeze gave a report on Ski Club Activities.  He reported that 247 students registered, with an average attendance of 223 (or 91%) at each of 5 nights (ranging from 237 on first night to 209 on last night).  He reported that we had 15 Adult Chaperones, 3 Teachers, 8 Junior Chaperones, and 2 Drivers for the year.  We averaged 23 Total attending per week, or an average of 1 chaperone per 10 students.   Lastly, he reported on feedback received from chaperones this year:

·         Ideas to improve experience for students: color-coded ID tags by bus number, helping students group themselves by ability level, and more help for first-year members.

·         Ideas to improve experience for chaperones: separate volunteers for POD and night chaperones, buses need to carry more paper towels and TP, and buses with seat belts.

The police presence at pick-up on the last two trips was discussed and the general consensus was that it helped parking lot safety and order.

Joanne Forbes gave a report on the Junior Chaperone program.  The first year there was 3; this year there was 8.  A good extra set of eyes, and helpful in all aspects of the trip.  The program will continue next year.

The meeting ended with an open forum, with a collective thank you to Joanne, Gretchen, and Kathy for their years of service to the PTO and Ski Club.  Also, a collective thank you to all the volunteers from this year.  

The next meeting is May 16, 2013.

No other business was presented.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm.

Signed, John Seabreeze, Secretary