General Procedures

There are 5 Ski Club Leaders that share the responsibilities for running the Ski Club. These leaders emerge from interested parents that have participated in ski club in prior years.


  1. Manpower required:  4-5 leaders, Lead chaperone for each bus and 3 chaperones to assist lead for each bus. Establish new SSL program for high school student to obtain SSL hours for participation (SLL hour program being establish ski season 2011-2012).
  2. Obtain approval from NB Principal and secure POD in school lower lot for safe keeping of student and chaperones ski/board equipment during the Ski Club  season (January & February)
  3. Obtain transportation to and from Liberty Mountain with commercial bus company.
  4. Establish routine for safe arrival and departure of buses at Liberty.
  5. Maintain open communication with parents and school regarding activities of ski club.
  6. Attend Ski Club Organizing Committee Meetings beginning in July, held 1-2 times per month until ski season begins.
  7. Ski Club is run under the NB Parent Teachers Organization established in Fall 2010.
  8. Method of Distribution of COMP Tickets provided to the Ski Club by Liberty Mountain Resorts:

GENERALLY: a graded system has been established by Ski Club Committee to distribute COMPS based on commitment and hours of volunteer time donated to ski club, used to obtain sufficient number of volunteers to run and over see ski club, and to those who support the functioning of ski club. Also two programs (Parker Award and Care Card Winners) have been established to offer ski experience to children who would otherwise not be able to experience it.

Each Ski Club Leader is given 2 Night Club Cards.
Each Bus Lead is given 1 Night Club Card.
Each chaperone is given a lift ticket/ski lesson/equipment pass each night they attend.

Each Night Club Card is worth $259.00
For every 15 paying participants registered one free NCC is earned. In addition a Season Pass is earned when 40 members have joined which is equal to 3 NCCs.

Care Card Winners: 5-8 Lift ticket/ski lesson/equipment passes are raffled at NB school each year for last two seasons  with the submission of earned Care Cards. This one night experience includes bus ride and use of a borrowed helmet.
Parker Award:  (New Program)  1 NCC, Bus ride and helmet was awarded this year to a student who wrote the best assay. This student was chosen blindly by 6 readers based on criteria which were established prior to assay review. This award was established in 2011 to commemorate  Jim and Linda Parker’s hard work to establish and run North Bethesda Ski Club.

2-3 North Bethesda Teachers are invited to join Ski Club on 1-3 trips and passes are provided by ski club for the evening skiing.
North Bethesda Office Staff who support the ski club are also offered passes each year.
General Responsibilities of each Ski Club leader:
#1   Registration Leader: Responsible for operations required to register participants and update as needed throughout the season.

A. Attend Open House at Liberty Mountain Resorts in September .
B. Establish a working relationship with Liberty Mountain Staff for successful completion of the registration process. Turn in confirmation sheet to Liberty by deadline to register NB PTO as participant in Liberty Night Club Card Program.
C. Obtain all the necessary forms from Liberty Mountain to register participants. Learn both electronic and paper method for member registration.
D. Operate and Maintain On-line registration and facilitate the use of the Liberty advisory site.
E. Responsible for drafting all communication on registration to participants via List Serve which is reviewed by a majority of the other leaders prior to posting.
F. Copy required registration forms and procedure Ski Club packets to be distributed to interested students.
G. Make packets available at Parent Information Night and leave extra in front office to be picked up by students.
H. At Parent Information Night is responsible for presenting registration process and answering any questions.
I. Designs and manages the way Registration Night will be run with the assistance of other leaders and parent volunteers.
J. Organize all member packages and information and tally each package and helmet order and submit paperwork to Liberty.
K. Delivers and reviews each registration with Liberty Mountain Registration Representative. The process takes 3-4 hours.
L. In collaboration with the chaperone leader, designs the bus seating assignments.  They must incorporate seats for potential chaperones, care card winners, ski club leaders riding bus and North Bethesda teachers who participate on ski trips.
M. Answers questions from list serve, emails, and phone calls on registration.
N. Responsible for all money collected for the registration and bus ride fee for the club. Money collected is counted by two Leaders the night of registration and is deposited by the Treasurer into the ski club account.
O.  Keeps accurate spreadsheet of all participants emergency contact information.
P. Follow all other ski club rules to be a good role model for participants.
Q. Once all registrations are submitted and ready from Liberty, Registration Leader will delivery check to Liberty from NB PTO account and pick up Comp Ski Season passes, Night Club Cards, and all helmets ordered by ski club members.
R. Helmets and member NCCs are then distributed to students at NBMS prior to Winter Break.
S. Organize and coordinate with NB front office when a good time for distribution should occur.

#2   Chaperone Leader: responsibility for coordination and training of all chaperones.

A.    At start of season review list of trained chaperones from prior year and contact them to determine their availability and desire to chaperone the current ski season.
B.    Select Lead Chaperones based on experience from prior year interest and commitment to be on all 5 trips.
C.    Recruit and select 2-3 additional bus chaperones for each bus.
D.    Orchestrate the training of all chaperones.
E.    Responsible for having 3-4 chaperones riding each bus for each ski trip.
F.    Maintain a chaperone back up list with current contact information in case of illness or emergency.
G.     Organize Bus Manuals to be utilized by Lead Chaperone to assure accurate attendance to and from Liberty Mountain.
H.    Assure accurate attendance on each bus prior to allowing buses to leave North Bethesda School Parking Lot and before leaving Liberty Mountain on return trip.
I.    Hold chaperone orientation meeting prior to ski trips (new: to be established in 2011).
J.    Meet with trip chaperones 15 minutes before school dismissal on ski trip days to review any topics necessary and answer any questions.
K.    Responsible for handing out free ski club tickets each trip to chaperones participating that day.
L.    Responsible to make sure all chaperones have North Bethesda Ski Club Identification Badges
for each trip.
M.    Organize on site chaperones, hand out badges, and be resource throughout the night for all                 
chaperones and students.
N.    After return of buses Wait at Bethesda Middle School until all children are picked up.
O.    Collect all belongings left behind and attempt to return to owner.
P.    Oversee disciplinary problems if any during the trip and collaborate with other Ski Club leaders on appropriate intervention based on Ski Club Rules of Conduct.
Q.    Follow all other ski club rules to be a good role model for participants.

#3      Equipment Leader
           A.  Responsible for assuring we have ordered the POD after approval from the  Principal.
           B.  Arrange payment, delivery and pick up.
           C.  Arrange for shelving units to be built prior to first Ski Club Trip
           D.  Coordinate at least 4-5 ski club committee and chaperones to man POD and parking lot  morning of ski                     trips to receive equipment from students, to direct drop off of equipment, secure equipment and lock the                     POD, support school policy that all ski club students are not late for school due to the dropping of their                     ski club equipment
           E.  Arrive at POD in afternoon one hour before dismissal to unload POD for easy access to                 equipment.
           F.   Monitor and assist children as they pick up equipment and load the buses.
           G.  Lock POD after surveillance of area for left behind belongings.
           H.  Follow all other ski club rules to be a good role model for participants.

#4      Communications Leader

A.    Interface with North Bethesda School Office regarding Ski Club issues.
B.    Post all Ski Club messages on List Serve.
C.    Monitor List Serve correspondence and direct communication appropriately.
D.    Orchestrate the Parker Award each year.
E.    Orchestrate the Care Card Raffle.
F.    Other duties as needed.
G.    Follow all other ski club rules to be a good role model for participants.

# 5      Leader in Training

A.    Have been a chaperone and then a Lead chaperone and has interest in participating in ski club leadership.
B.    Works closely with committee to learn how the group works.
C.    Ideally this person should be someone who has younger children who can continue ski club in the future.
D.    Follow all other ski club rules to be a good role model for participants.