2019 NB Ski Club Registration Information

posted Oct 14, 2018, 2:13 PM by North Bethesda Ski Club
Interested in joining the 2019 NB Ski Club, sponsored by the NBMS PTO (not PTSA)?  Please read on... 

When/where can I learn more about the NB Ski Club?
Come to our Ski Club Information Night on Wednesday, October 17th @ 7:00pm-8:00pm in the NBMS Cafeteria.  New to ski club parents are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend to learn more.  Returning to ski club parents are welcome, but no new information will be presented   Students don't need to come.  We will also vote on officers and pass our budget for the year.

What if I can't make the meeting?
That's okay - everything will be posted online at www.nbms-pto.org on Thursday, October 18th.  

What is the 2019 registration process?
Read the instructions below based on your student's previous participation in the NB Ski Club.  Be sure to meet all stated deadlines - there will be no extensions for any reason.  

All returning 2018 NB Ski Club members (and those who were on the 2018 Waitlist) are guaranteed a seat in the 2019 NB Ski Club if they register and pay online between October 18th and October 22nd.  This is a hard deadline.  A signed permission form must also be turned in and the Night Club Card must also be purchased by Friday, October 26th to complete a student's registration.  

All new to Ski Club members (all 6th graders, and any 7th or 8th graders who did not participate in 2018) may enter a lottery for the remaining seats.  Entry into the lottery requires completing an information form between October 18th and October 22nd.  This is a hard deadline. Selected students will be notified of their status by Saturday, October 27th, and have until Friday, November 2nd to pay, turn in the permission form and purchase a Night Club Card to complete a student's registration.  

Why is this the registration process?
Because we want to offer the fairest opportunity for students to participate in this high-demand program.  We used to wait in line for hours - no fun for anybody.  Then we moved to a first-come, first-serve online - stressed-out parents and crashing browsers.  So, last year, we separated RETURNING and NEW, and gave both groups 5 days to register, plus another week to complete all the other requirements.  MUCH less stressful for everyone involved.  :)

We guarantee seats to RETURNING TO SKI CLUB students (and those who were on last year's Waitlist) who meet the deadlines, and offer a random lottery to NEW TO SKI CLUB students.  We feel this is the most fair to all, and anticipate that the vast majority of new to ski club students will get in the club.  However, we also know that some students will be disappointed in the outcome of not being selected.  

Last year, about 25 students who were on the waitlist did not get in.  This year, we are guaranteeing those 25 students a seat in the 2019 Ski Club.  We may do the same next year for this year's waitlisted students as a way to ease in this new process.

We encourage ALL NB Students to consider registering for the NB Ski Club.  If you have a financial need, please contact us and we will refer you to the Counseling Center for potential assistance.

Questions?  E-mail nbskiclub@gmail.com.


NBMS PTO Leadership Team