Dec. 11, 2013 Update

posted Dec 31, 2013, 8:05 AM by John Seabreeze
Final Ski Club Bus Assignment List Posted This Friday! 
Your student will be able to see what bus he or she is assigned to on Friday at lunch. We tried our absolute best to match up requested bus buddies, and nearly achieved all requests.  Please be assured that everyone got at least one of their bus buddies.  If your student comes home wanting to change, please let them know that the list is final.  Because we are absolutely full, we are unable to make any changes. 
FINAL Card and Pre-Purchased Helmet Pick-Up This Friday! 

For the 80 or so students (and any family members') who do not yet have their Night Club Cards, the final pick-up will be Friday, December 13th during lunch at NBMS.  If you pre-purchased a helmet, it will be available for pick-up as well.  Every student will sign for the card(s) and, once they sign, are responsible for getting the card(s) home safely.  All cards or helmets not picked-up will next be available on the first night of Ski Club - January 3rd.  
Getting Ready for January 3, 2014...

Before you know it, we'll have something fun to do with all this snow!  The first Ski Club trip is scheduled for Friday, January 3rd.  Be sure to read through the information packet in the next few weeks, making sure you have:
  • Appropriate winter/ski clothing.
  • A plan for before-school drop-off of equipment/bags.
  • A plan for after-school food/drink.
  • A plan for dinner money while skiing.
  • A parent-student conversation about decision-making.
  • A plan to pick-up your student at 11:00-11:10pm Friday night.

We will provide weekly updates/reminders via e-mail, so watch for them in your e-mail. As a reminder, if schools are closed or close early, no ski club.

6th Grade Parents - Outdoor Education on January 10th

As a reminder, half of the 6th grade has Outdoor Education ending on Friday, January 10th, our second ski club date.  You are responsible for your child between the time MCPS drops off your student at NBMS and the start of Ski Club.  Neither the PTO nor NBMS has arranged for any supervision or care during that ~1.5 hours.  One suggestion is to bring your student home for a quick shower and meal, then back to NBMS for Ski Club at 2:45pm, refreshed and ready for a great night in the snow.