Fourth Ski Club Trip - 2/19/16

posted Feb 17, 2016, 3:20 AM by North Bethesda Ski Club
Fourth Ski Club Trip is Friday, February 19, 2016! 
We are on for this Friday.  Morning drop-off is 7:15-8:15am.  Buses leave NBMS at 3:20pm.  Pick-up is between 11:05-11:15pm.  Remember to pack food or bring money, dress for the weather, and focus on safety.  If you have a question, please We will try to answer within 24 hours.
Speaking of Safety...

Safety is our #1 priority - make sure it's your child's as well.  Last trip we had a few injuries - all occurring in the last hour of the night.  This is when skiers and boarders are most susceptible to injury because of exhaustion.  Remind your student to take breaks, fuel up, and listen to their bodies. If they feel tired, take it easy or head in to the lodge for a rest.  And, as a reminder...

Eleven Decisions Made Every Week by NBMS Ski Club Participants
1. Do I rent skis or a snowboard tonight?
2. Do I take lessons tonight? If yes, at what time?
3. What lifts and runs will I try tonight?
4. Will I use the terrain park tonight?
5. With whom will I ski/board, and what is their ability compared to mine?
6. If my friends want to ski/board on a run that I'm not familiar, what will I do?
7. If I get separated from my friends while on the mountain, what will I do?
8. Will I ski in control or unsafely?
9. Will I drink high-caffeine energy drinks?
10. How will I behave on the bus, in the lodge, and on the mountain?
11. If I'm feeling tired, will I ski hard runs, easy runs, or take a break?
Thank You!
Due to your generosity, the NBMS PTO raised $2,300 for the NBMS Principal's Fund, administered by the school to support/assist needy students at NB to fully participate in academic and extracurricular activities.   In the past three years, we've donated $4,100! 
And remind your student.... HAVE FUN!  :)

Ski Club Leadership Team
North Bethesda Middle School PTO