January 19, 2018 - Ski Club #2

posted Jan 16, 2018, 6:49 AM by North Bethesda Ski Club
Our first week was VERY successful.  Thanks to all the students who did a great job doing their part to follow the expectations and ski/board safely.  However...

We had a MAJOR rule violation that we'd like you to speak about with your student.  We heard several reports of students using e-cigarettes/vaping machines while on the slopes.  No adults observed this, but we have ZERO tolerance for this behavior.  Any student in possession of any type of vaping/e-cigarette paraphernalia will be immediately removed from Ski Club with no refund.  Referral to MCPS for disciplinary action will also take place.  Thank you for discussing this with your student before our next trip.

Morning Equipment Drop-Off will go much faster this week, as most bags are already tagged.  Thank you for being patient while waiting in the car queue.

Label All Bags With Name and Phone Number, including school backpacks, because they all look alike.  Adding a colored ribbon will also help your student.

Bring your Night Club Card and Money for Dinner.  Misplaced your NCC?  Head to Group Sales as soon as you arrive to get a one-time pass.  If definitely lost, then call in advance to have one printed (for $25 fee) - it will be waiting for your student.  

Dress for 30-degree Weather this Friday.  Much better than the muggy 60-degrees from last week.  Conditions will be ideal!

Remind your student to take their lessons.  They are ALWAYS better the second week.  The student knows more, and the instructors are able to better classify them.  

Charge phones in advance, or bring a portable charger.  The cold weather robs phones of battery life VERY quickly.  Many are shocked at how fast their phone died.
Want to Ski/Board with Your Student?

You can!  Do the very large size of our Ski Club, we have earned 60 extra vouchers that we don't need for chaperones and volunteers.  So we're offering them to you at a steep discount.  Just $50 donation per voucher (limit 4 per family), versus a cost of up to $91 at Liberty, Whitetail, or Roundtop for a night lift ticket, rentals, and lesson. 

100% of your donation will go the NBMS Principal's Fund - same as we did last year.

Hurry!  We only have 60 vouchers, and when they're gone, they're gone.  


25 NB Parents will be serving as chaperones for 315 NB students.  Responsibilities for chaperones and students are clearly outlined in the information packet.  Your student is responsible for his/her behavior and safety.  Chaperones serve as guides, not supervisors, throughout the trip - especially once at Liberty Mountain.  Please have a discussion with your child about smart decision-making, for everyone's sake.  Safety is our #1 priority - make sure it's your child's as well.  Thanks!

Ten Decisions Made Every Week by NBMS Ski Club Participants
1. Do I rent skis or a snowboard tonight?
2. Do I take lessons tonight? If yes, at what time?
3. What lifts and runs will I try tonight?
4. Will I use the terrain park tonight?
5. With whom will I ski/board, and what is their ability compared to mine?
6. If my friends want to ski/board on a run that I'm not familiar, what will I do?
7. If I get separated from my friends while on the mountain, what will I do?
8. Will I ski in control or unsafely?
9. Will I drink high-caffeine energy drinks?
10. How will I behave on the bus, in the lodge, and on the mountain?
Not Riding Home on Bus?

If your student is not riding home on the bus from Liberty, your student must provide a written note to his/her Bus' Lead Chaperone.  Absolutely no verbal or email confirmations.  Thank you for your cooperation.
And remind your student.... HAVE FUN!  :)

Ski Club Leadership Team
North Bethesda Middle School PTO