New First Ski Club Trip - 1/10/14

posted Jan 9, 2014, 3:59 PM by John Seabreeze
First Ski Club Trip Tomorrow - Really! 
Wish we could have gone last week, but looking forward to an awesome night Friday!  Please re-read the Ski Club Information Packet (click here to download) to answer most, if not all of your questions.  This e-mail provides some reminders, but does not cover everything.  If you have a question not covered in the packet, please e-mail We will try to answer within 24 hours.
The Skinny on Friday Morning Equipment Drop-Off

Friday morning between 7:15am - 8:00am (9:15 - 10:00am if 2-hour delay) in the lower parking lot by the tennis courts, we will be accepting bags and ski equipment for storage.  Be sure to put your student's name and home/cell phone number on every bag, coat, helmet, and piece of ski equipment - even if you are not 
putting into storage.
We are trying something new this year.  All bags dropped off on Friday morning will be tagged with a colored tag before being put into the storage POD.  When you hand your bags to the volunteer, clearly state the bus number and color.  The bag will be tagged for the season, allowing us to more quickly load/unload in future weeks.
  • Bus 1 (grade 8) - GREEN
  • Bus 2 (grade 8) - BLUE
  • Bus 3 (grade 7) - YELLOW
  • Bus 4 (grade 7/6) - RED
  • Bus 5 (grade 6) - ORANGE
Being Ready to Ski/Board this Friday...

Temperatures are predicted to be in the 30's in Carroll Valley, PA (home to Liberty Mountain).  Be sure to have your student bring appropriate cold-weather gear, including a water-resistant coat!  It is always colder there than in Bethesda, so don't let the temps here fool you.  Some suggestions:
  • Appropriate winter/ski clothing - including helmet, coat, gloves, ski goggles, and (when really cold) face mask or bandana. 
  • A plan for before-school drop-off of equipment/bags.
  • A plan for after-school food/drink.
  • A plan for dinner money while skiing.
  • A parent-student conversation about decision-making.  (See pg.4 of info pkt.)
  • A plan to pick-up your student at 11:00-11:10pm Friday night.
  • Hopefully not necessary, but also the ability to drive up to Liberty in case of medical emergency so that you can drive your student home.

As a reminder, if schools are closed or close early, there is no ski club.

Lessons are Awesome!
If your student's Night Club Card comes with Lessons, they are at 5:45pm or 7:00pm.  Instructors will be punching their lift tickets to prove they took a lesson.  We will be doing random drawings for $10 iTunes cards for those who successfully took a lesson, and you too will have proof if you need it with the punched ticket.
6th Grade Parents with Kids at Outdoor Ed Right Now - PLEASE READ

Those of you with 6th graders at Outdoor Education right now,  you are responsible for your child between the time MCPS drops off your student at NBMS and the start of Ski Club.  Neither the PTO nor NBMS has arranged for any supervision or care during that ~1.5 hours.  One suggestion is to bring your student home for a quick shower and meal, then back to NBMS for Ski Club by 2:45pm, refreshed and ready for a great night in the snow. 

Ski Club Leadership Team
North Bethesda Middle School PTO