Ski Club Trip - 1/30/15

posted Feb 5, 2015, 4:33 PM by North Bethesda Ski Club
Fourth Ski Club Trip This Friday, January 30, 2015! 
Ski Club is on for Friday night!  The snow is fantastic, so the kids will get a great skiing and boarding experience.  But... 

Wear an extra layer - sweater, sweatshirt, parka - as it will be colder than usual, especially after 8pm.  If you have one, pack a bandana or face mask, as that helps with wind.  And double check the bag for gloves - impossible to ski without them. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail We will try to answer within 24 hours.
Friday Morning Drop-Off Safety Reminders

Please remember to drive slowly and be patient as you drop-off equipment at the Ski Pod.  Follow the traffic pattern in the tennis court lot, immediately turning right and going around the light poles in a counter clockwise fashion.  Do not drive straight at the POD, even if no other cars are in the lot.  Thanks!
Please make sure your students name and phone number is on every piece of baggage.  We or Liberty can't easily return it to you otherwise.
Science Olympiad Kids (and others not riding bus home)

Each student who is not riding the NBMS bus home must bring a signed note to give to the Lead Chaperone on their bus.  An e-mail to us is not sufficient.  
Chaperones & Junior Chaperones

NBMS Parents and WJ upper-classmen will be serving as chaperones on the trip.  Responsibilities for chaperones and students are clearly outlined in the information packet.  Your student is responsible for his/her behavior and safety.  Chaperones serve as guides, not supervisors, throughout the trip - especially once at Liberty Mountain.  Please have a discussion with your child about smart decision-making, for everyone's sake.  Safety is our #1 priority - make sure it's your child's as well.  Thanks!