Ski Club Trip #1 - 1/11/19

posted Jan 29, 2019, 2:26 PM by North Bethesda Ski Club
First Ski Club Trip ON For This Friday, January 11, 2019! 
Welcome to ski season - this time with snow!  Please re-read the 2019 Ski Club Info Packet (click here to download) to answer most, if not all of your questions.  This e-mail provides some reminders, but does not cover everything.  If you have a question not covered in the packet, please e-mail We will try to answer within 24 hours.

The remaining trips are scheduled for January 18, and February 1, 8, and 22.  If we need an additional make-up date, we will announce later.

Want to ski more?  Your student's Night Club Card is valid every night after 4pm (3pm Sundays) through end of season.  Take advantage!
What's Up with Bus Assignments?
Bus assignments are posted outside the NBMS cafeteria.  We will not be posting them online or e-mailing them out to protect student names.  If not already known, please have your student get their bus number this week.  We will also have them at Morning Equipment Drop-Off and Afternoon Bus Loading.  Sorry, no bus changes.   
The Skinny on Friday Morning Equipment Drop-Off

Friday morning between 7:15am - 8:15am (sharp) in the lower parking lot by the tennis courts, we will be accepting bags and ski equipment for storage.  Be sure to put your student's name and home/cell phone number on every bag, coat, helmet, and piece of ski equipment - even if you are not putting into storage.
All bags dropped off on Friday morning will be tagged with a colored tag before being put into the storage POD.  When you or your student hands your bags to the volunteer, clearly state the bus number and color.  (If you don't know it, they will look it up).  The bag will be tagged for the season, allowing us to more quickly load/unload in future weeks.  Please cut off last year's tags before Friday.
  • Bus 1 (grade 8) - YELLOW
  • Bus 2 (grade 8) - RED
  • Bus 3 (grade 8/7) - BLUE
  • Bus 4 (grade 7) - GREEN
  • Bus 5 (grade 7) - ORANGE
  • Bus 6 (grade 7/6) - PURPLE
  • Bus 7 (grade 6) - GRAY
Please drive slowly and follow the directions of the volunteers.  Do not get out of your car or park - just keep moving.  Students may bring their ski bags/equipment on the school bus in the morning and drop it off over by the tennis courts too. However, ski club morning equipment drop-off is not a valid excuse to be tardy.

If MCPS has delayed opening, Morning Equipment Drop-Off is delayed as well.
Being Ready to Ski/Board this Friday...

Temps are predicted to be in the 20's!  (Click here for weather).  Be sure to have your student bring appropriate cold-weather gear.  If you are dressed appropriately, skiing is a GREAT experience.  Some suggestions:
  • Appropriate winter/ski clothing - including layers on top and bottom, helmet, winter coat, ski gloves, ski goggles, and (if windy) face mask or bandanna.  
  • A plan for before-school drop-off of equipment/bags.
  • A plan for after-school food/drink.
  • A plan for dinner money while skiing.  Click here to learn about loading money on your student's Night Club Card.
  • A parent-student conversation about decision-making.  See below.
  • A plan to pick-up your student a11:00pm on Friday night.  Arrive early for best parking - but don't park in the bus alley.  And PLEASE don't be late.

As a reminder, if schools are closed or close early, no ski club.

Lessons are Awesome!
If your student's Night Club Card comes with Lessons, they are at 5:45pm or 7:00pm.  Instructors should be punching their lift tickets with the Liberty Mountain logo to prove they took a lesson.  This allows you to have proof if you need it with the punched ticket.  We highly encourage lessons, especially for beginners.  Perhaps you can create an incentive for your child to take lessons?  We highly encourage them!

30 NB Parents will be serving as chaperones for 363 NB students.  Responsibilities for chaperones and students are clearly outlined in the information packet.  Your student is responsible for his/her behavior and safety.  Chaperones serve as guides, not supervisors, throughout the trip - especially once at Liberty Mountain.  Please have a discussion with your child about smart decision-making, for everyone's sake.  Safety is our #1 priority - make sure it's your child's as well.  Thanks!

Ten Decisions Made Every Week by NBMS Ski Club Participants
1. Do I rent skis or a snowboard tonight?
2. Do I take lessons tonight? If yes, at what time?
3. What lifts and runs will I try tonight?
4. Will I use the terrain park tonight?
5. With whom will I ski/board, and what is their ability compared to mine?
6. If my friends want to ski/board on a run that I'm not familiar, what will I do?
7. If I get separated from my friends while on the mountain, what will I do?
8. Will I ski in control or unsafely?
9. Will I drink high-caffeine energy drinks?
10. How will I behave on the bus, in the lodge, and on the mountain?
E-cigarettes, Vaping, and Juuling

They are 100% strictly forbidden during the entire ski club trip.  If your student in caught with any paraphernalia, they will be removed from ski club with no refund.  We suggest reminding your student of this important rule.
Not Riding Home on Bus?

If your student is not riding home on the bus from Liberty, your student must provide a written note to his/her Bus' Lead Chaperone.  Absolutely no verbal or email confirmations.  Thank you for your cooperation.

In the highly unlikely event that your student has a medical emergency, we have a thorough process to manage it.  Please answer any 'Unknown Numbers' on Friday night, and, if needed, be prepared to drive up to Frederick or Gettysburg.  In the past decade, we have had from 0 to 3 hospital trips per year.  So, highly unlikely, but know the safety and well-being of your student is our top priority.  
And remind your student.... HAVE FUN!  :)

Ski Club Leadership Team
North Bethesda Middle School PTO