Ski Club Trip #4 - 2/15/19

posted Feb 13, 2019, 6:32 PM by North Bethesda Ski Club
Get Ready for Fourth Week of Ski Club
This is our first make-up date!  We contracted with EYRE Transportation for this 'off-schedule' trip since our regular provider, Haymarket, was unavailable.  Everything remains the same - just the names of the buses will be different.

Please remember to be at NBMS by 11pm.  We continue to have parents arriving late, which delays our volunteers from heading home with their own kids.  Parking remains at a premium.  Please carpool if you can, and spots are available in the tennis court lots (a short walk from the buses).  Thanks!

Remind your kids that buses load at 3pm - not earlier. A few students are not going to SOARR, instead heading straight to the buses.  Please remind them that school is not dismissed until AFTER SOARR. 

Looking forward to another great night of skiing at Liberty!  :)

Ski Club Leadership Team
North Bethesda Middle School PTO